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Rallar التكنولوجيا المحدودة

Welcome to Rallar Technology Co., Ltd.  We are one of the leading door lock manufacturers in China. Since established 10 years, we have been serving customers from all over the world. Currently our output capacity is more than 20,000 smart locks per month. Thanks to our treasuring the quality of the products and the relationship of the customers, we get more and more recognized by the industry. We are capable of providing OEM, ODM service for our professional clients. No matter you are for hotel locks, condo locks, apartment locks, condo locks or resident locks, we are here for you. Also we are always technologically advanced: from simple key locks to today’s card locks, password locks, bluetooth locks, fingerprint locks and even facial-recognized locks. Whatever door locks you are looking for, you can always get satisfied in our factory floor. 


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