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Rallar Technology Co. Ltd

We, Rallar Technology Co Ltd, has produced and marketing the high quality smart locks (Hotel locks, Biomatric locks, Bluetooth locks and magnetic locks)around the world such as United State, Euro, East Asia. Our product lines are to serve our customers in the area of Hotels, Hospitality Business and Luxury Private Residences.


“Create the customer’s satisfaction in term of the high quality products and service both before and after sales.”


1. Supplying only the high quality products with the reasonable prices.

2. Representing the high quality products from the around the world.

3. Uplifting employee standard by providing our employees with the opportunity to develop their thinking and knowledge in an effect way.


At its discretion, Rallar will repair or replace your Product, if it does not comply with this Warranty.

To make a Warranty claim, you must:

• First call Advance In Flo on 400 0788 870

• Return the Product (if warranty service is required) in its original packaging (or suitable alternative) to a Service Agent, as discussed with the Contact Centre; and

• Provide a copy of your purchase receipt, to show that this Warranty applies to your Product at the date of your claim.

You are responsible for the delivery of your Product to and its collection from the Service Agent.

Warranty Application

This Warranty applies only:

a. To a Product that is supplied to You by Rallar or by a Stockist;

b. If you use the Product for your own private or business purposes; and

c. You have not bought the Product for resale.

Warranty Exclusions

This Warranty will not apply if during the warranty period:

a. A Product’s serial number or any rating label is removed or changed in any way;

b. A Product is repaired other than by a Service Agent;

c. You use a Product contrary to any technical or operating environment guidelines recommended in its user guide or manual;

d. A part in your Product, (including without limitation the waste pads), reaches the end of its service life;

e. A Product’s malfunction or failure results from:

1. deliberate or accidental damage;

2. neglect or modification;

3. incorrect voltage or a power surge; or

4. your use of any non-genuine Consumables, software, parts, accessories or interfacing.

Non-Genuine Items

Rallar advises that if you use non-Genuine Consumables, software, replacement parts or accessories, you may damage your Product and may void your warranty.


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