Locker lock L150

  • FOB Price: US $ 5.85-38.60 / Sets
  • Min.Order Quantity: 10 Sets
  • Supply Ability: 5000 Sets per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen or Guangzhou
  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/P,T/T, WU, PAYPAL
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    1.Two Unlock Mode: Single-key Mode, Dual-key Mode

    2.Can be used with 4 x AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries or a USB power adapter. The batteries can last 8 months under normal use

    3.The sound alarm will alert when the voltage is low. When the batteries become too weak to operate, the door will open automatically

    4.Installation Template, Double Stick Tape and User Manual are provided in the kit.


    Operation Instructions in Single Unlock Mode


    After installing the battery, hold on the RESET button (passing a small hard object through the hole in the front of the lock cylinder to press the reset button). When you hear a “Di” sounds, release the hand. The lock beeps: “Di, Di, Di, Di, Di(five short beeps). At this point, the lock is initialized (clear lock record) state, in Single Mode.

    2.Set Master Card:

    After initializing, the first card (RFID Card / Tag) is swiped in the sensing area of the lock body. After a sound (“Di-Di”) is made, the card becomes a Master Card. Master card can be used to unlock the cabinet door, add or delete the user card.

    3.Set User Card:

    Swipe the management card (After reading successfully, the lock beeps “Di”, in an unlocked state, new user card can be configured), put new card on the sensing area untill you hear a short beep which means the setting is successful. The user card can be setted continuously (up to 11 pcs).

    4.Operation instructions in Dual Unlock Mode is available in User Manual.



    1. User manual, 2. Installation Template, 3. Lock, 4. Induction Location Decal, 5. USB Cable, 6. Mounting screws, 7. Latch, 8. RFID Key-fobs, 9. 3M-tape, 10. RFID Cards

    ONE KEY FOR MULTIPLE LOCKS – This RFID locks are programmable, and you can use one key (RFID card/fob) to unlock several cabinet locks as you want. The only thing you need to do: program the key into the locks and test it before installation.

    SUITABLE FOR WOODEN CABINETS – RFID cards can penetrate through thicker wood panels (up to 38mm/1.5) and the key-fobs are basically convenience items with slightly less power, for making duplicate keys. Fits doors up to 0″-1.2″ thick, ideal of cabinets, lockers, cupboards, medical carts, data racks, gun boxes, safes.

    COMPACT SIZE & STURDY MECHANISM – Latch and mortise are made by metal, they are sturdy enough for the cabinets. Unlock the cabinet door without touching. RFID card / tags are portable and easy to store. Provides good safety protection of your personal items. Improve children’s safety at home, avoid your kids free to open the drawers or cabinet doors.

    LOW POWER ALARM & AUTO-UNLOCK – Once the lock has been setup and programmed, it will indicate as needed low-battery status with a long beep after being opened.After the long beep, the lock can be used approximately 15 times. When the batteries become too weak to operate, the door will open automatically, at which point the batteries must be replaced before the lock can be used again.

    DIY KIT FOR YOU – Installation Template, Double Stick Tape and User Manual are provided in the kit. This lock can be used with a USB power adapter instead of alkaline batteries. USB cable is provided in the kit but the customer must furnish a standard USB power adapter.

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