Installing a fingerprint lock at home can better prevent the crime of entering the room

The fingerprint lock is convenient and safe, and can avoid many inconvenient or unfortunate things in the family. As long as we are willing to spend a little time to understand, willing to spend a small amount of money, and willing to consider more for the family, we can provide a Copy security. The state is also vigorously promoting the promotion and promotion of smart hardware, smart homes, smart locks, etc. Many cities have already equipped fingerprint locks as standard. Technology is developing and the times are improving. In the future, every household will use a fingerprint password smart lock. It is just around the corner. I hope you will install a fingerprint lock for your home as soon as possible, and enjoy the safety and convenience brought by high technology as soon as possible!

The era is progressing, locks are constantly improving the anti-theft security technology, and current thieves are also secretly learning more unlocking knowledge. Therefore, our citizens need to keep up with the pace of the times and distinguish whether their door locks are safe At the same time, taking into account your own situation, considering the convenience of daily life, upgrade the door lock in time, install a more advanced lock core or smart fingerprint lock!

Fingerprint locks have better security performance than mechanical locks, and can better prevent the occurrence of criminal incidents. There are often reports of criminals in the country using technology to open locks and commit crimes. These situations mainly occur because most families still use mechanical locks with low security coefficients. At present, most domestic mechanical locks and padlocks have only A-level lock cores, and those with a little skill can easily unlock the lock in 3 seconds at the fastest. Now, keyless fingerprint locks have appeared on the market, and Using the dual system design concept (similar to the dual system on an aircraft, another system can operate normally when one system fails), and also meets the standards of locks for standby and emergency. Even if the criminals forcibly open the lock, the fingerprint lock will sound an alarm and lock the system. These safety and early warning functions destroy the crime environment of criminals as much as possible, so as to add a guarantee for the safety of family life at home.

Household fingerprint locks on the market usually have two unlocking methods: fingerprint and password. There are also some unconventional unlocking methods such as mobile phone unlocking, remote control unlocking, and card unlocking. The first two unlocking methods basically meet all unlocking scenarios. Family members can enter their fingerprints to unlock through the fingerprint lock; relatives and friends suddenly visit and can inform them of the door opening password; using fingerprint locks, there are many electronic ways to unlock, so the above will not be due to the key missing In the tragedy, even if the password is leaked, as long as the owner deletes and changes the password in time, there is no need to bear the loss of changing the lock.

Post time: Apr-16-2020


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