Introduction of fingerprint lock installation method

1. Lock body installation:
1. Put the lock core into the lock body hole from the outside of the door and fix the lock core with the lock screw. At this time, the lock body is partially installed. Use a mechanical key to test whether the lock tongue of the lock body is working properly. Then the panel can be installed. .
2. Then put the lock body into the opened door hole with the oblique tongue end as the upper end, let the lock body thread pass through the front door hole through the front of the door, and then fix the lock body with screws.
3. Make sure that the direction of the lock tongue is consistent with the door opening direction. If it is not, the 6068 anti-theft lock body used in the Moli fingerprint lock can be adjusted. Use a screwdriver to lift the oblique tongue.

2. Panel installation:
1. Put the front rod into the lock body hole from the outside first, and then insert the lock body wire into the panel bus bar, and the male wire passes through the door hole to the back of the door. At this time, you can put the square bar spring into the handle hole , Align the square hole of the handle of the front panel with the front rod, and then install the rear panel from the inside of the door and fix the rear panel and the front panel to the door with screws.
2. Before installing the panel, install the handle according to the opening direction of the door. The front and rear panels should be parallel to the door, and the left and right distances cannot be skewed to adjust the horizontal direction of the handle and lock body. Adjust the vertical distance to keep the vertical direction of the handle and the lock body consistent.
3. Then install four No. 5 alkaline batteries to test the installation and function of the whole lock.
4. Then put the rear rod into the square hole of the lock body from the inside of the door, put the spring into the handle hole of the rear panel, and plug the connection cable of the rear panel with the public line of the front panel.
5. Insert the excess cable plug into the entry hole, then put the front panel into the rear rod and install it on the door, and fasten it with screws.
3. Determine the opening direction of the door:
When we install, we must determine the direction of opening. Generally, most of them are now opened from the right. Here we also use this list. Of course, friends can also choose other directions.

The first guarantee of home safety is the safety of the door lock. Improper installation of the door lock will bring a lot of hidden dangers. Generally, when we buy fingerprint locks, we will ask professional installers to install, but we can simply understand Its installation method can also help. The above is the entire content of the fingerprint lock installation steps.

Post time: Apr-16-2020


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